Every new day is a new opportunity to make new efforts to achieve your goals. You get more experienced and smarter with each day passing. You learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them in future. But all this can be done only with a sound mind and a sound body. We all know life has become very busy and not everyone has the time to focus on his/her health, but there are some habits which can help.

Here are 5 daily habits which can improve your health –


It is very common today that many of us skip our breakfast when we are running late for work or college or any other important work. This should not be done because having a good and healthy breakfast will give you energy for rest of the day and will give you power to concentrate on your work more efficiently.

Skipping breakfast is very harmful for our body as well as our brain. Our metabolism may get weaker and slower which can reduce our immunity. So make sure that you take a healthy breakfast everytime you go outside for the whole day.


Lunch break matters because it is that time which gives a chance to refresh our body and mind a good healthy meal. This half day meal boosts your body to do the rest day work and your brain to bear the work load in the office.

This means that you need to pack a healthy lunch box and cannot afford to skip your lunch at any cost. Working with an empty stomach has never been so easy, so make sure you take along with you a lunch box which is full of healthy and nutritious food items always. This will surely improve your efficiency and your health too.


The choices you make right as you’re leaving work can have a major impact on your overall health, motivation and efforts toward behavior change. For example, even if it’s most convenient to head home before the gym, consider making a beeline for the gym instead.

Stopping off at home can derail workout plans when you’re faced with household chores, unexpected requests from family members or simply the prospect of sitting on your comfy couch with your feet up!

To avoid getting sidetracked, pack your gym bag each morning or the night before you plan to exercise. Bring the bag to work so you can head straight to the gym from there. This small step makes it less tempting to blow off exercise when you’ve had a hard day or are invited to happy hour with co-workers.


At night you are supposed to give your body and brain a good refreshing nap. You should not include heavy food items in your dinner. This is because all our body parts are resting at night including our digestive system, so  if you will take heavy food items in your dinner it might not get properly digested.

You can include carrot sticks and fruit salad in your night meal  and you can also store your vegetables and fruits for the whole week by slicing and then keeping them stored in small containers. This will confirm that you will be having a healthy night meal the whole week and your time will also be saved


The most important thing to keep in mind before sleeping is to avoid any type of meal. You need to avoid eating chips, cereals or any other snack foods before sleeping. Set the mood for bedtime and lessen the likelihood of nighttime snacking by brushing your teeth after dinner. This is a way to tell your mind that eating is over for the day and its time for a good deep sleep.

Finally, make suitable atmosphere which will help you in having a satisfactory night sleep. This can be done by making the lights dim or by switching them off, switching off your cell phone, locking your door which will prevent any type of nuisance from the outer world. This should be done because of the fact that a good night sleep makes your mind and body fresh and ready for the new day challenges.

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