During the holidays it becomes multiple times difficult to avoid skipping workouts and skipping gym sessions. Holiday preparations, family visits and epic meals contribute to the risks of gaining calories and putting on some extra weight during these holidays. People like to spend more time enjoying with their families and friends, some like to travel to different places and explore during holidays and ignore their fitness sessions and fail to prevent weight gain.

Today we will give you 5 proven ways to prevent weight gain during holidays. So lets get started with this one-

1. Eat slowly and to “SATISFIED” instead of “STUFFED”

During holidays make sure that you always have a slow eating process and you only stop when you are “satisfied” and not “stuffed”. The slow eating has an important impact on your body.

It takes about 15 minutes for your digestive system to let know your mind that you are satisfied with your meal and this prevents overeating. So eating slowly definitely makes some sense.

Eating slowly gives you time to feel the meal you are consuming and also allows your body to digest the meal properly so that you do not need to workout for that later.

2. Nutritional eating when you are travelling


When we are on a go we feel hungry and we do not avoid any of the heavy food items. Junk food all around challenges our mind each second. This junk food is something we need to avoid at any cost to prevent weight gain. So make sure you take your veggies along with you so that you can have healthy food items during your journey.

Challenging, of course, but with some good strategy we can make this possible. So you need to pack a healthy tiffin box everytime before you go on a journey.

3. Add a normal exercise to your routine


Even if you are busy you need to give sometime for these simple body exercises. These exercises do not need heavy equipments and trainers. All you need to do is just follow these simple exercises whenever you get free time. You can do these exercises anywhere as they do not require more space.

This will surely have a positive impact on your body as well as your mind. This will maintain your body shape even when you are having a busy day. So follow these exercises and prevent weight gain.

4. What about  having a perfect super shake ?


Sometimes when you are on a visit it becomes difficult to prepare some healthy food stuff which could help you with your body. You have another very good option too. Try to add a perfect nutritional super which you can enjoy during a walk, a meeting and even when you are staring at a beautiful scenery in front of your eyes.

The healthy fruit and vegetables shakes prevent overeating, provides you with important body nutrients which you require during your busy days. This is also a good option because of the fact that they are quit easy to prepare.

5. Loose your Calories not strength


Preventing weight gain does not mean that you need to stop eating everything. All you need to do is put some more focus on the healthy and nutritional food items. In this way you will not gain extra calories and you can retain your strength as well.

You need to prevent Junk food, oily and fried meals, packed food items from the market etc. You can eat fresh veggy items as much as you can, this is because they will not give you extra fat and calories.



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